Reduce downtime,
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The integration of highly complex robotic systems has become an indispensable part of today’s industry. Not only quality and quantity play a major role, but also the ratio between high operational utilization, minimal failure rate and low analysis and monitoring costs.

E.RAMP is the solution

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What is E.RAMP?

E.RAMP is a holistic fleet management software. It enables operators with complex robotic systems to achieve maximum efficiency and utilization in their operations. In addition, it offers comprehensive monitoring and analysis options for all problematic situations. From the reduction of downtimes to route optimization and the monitoring and analysis of individual orders.

Cloud-based application

Due to the high-performing, cloud-based infrastructure, we ensure maximum availability with maximum data security.

How you benefit from E.RAMP

We want to help shape the future of robotic systems and think further, because our E.RAMP data collector supports WiFi connectivity as well as the possibility of communication via a 5G network. With E.RAMP’s unlimited scalability, you can run your operation cost-efficiently and gain whole new opportunities.

E.RAMP works manufacturer-independent !

Advantages of using E.RAMP

Quick and easy installation

On the customer side, only the data collector needs to be installed. The data evaluation and analysis is done conveniently and easily by using a web application installed in the cloud.

Maximum data security

The data and analyses are under maximum protection, because of encrypted transmission paths and data storage, even while they are processed in the the cloud. All systems are regularly patched and hardened according to CIS specifications.

Data analysis in real time

The data is continuously processes by robots, transferred to the cloud and made available directly for the analyses. This means that every analysis can be performed on the current data status.

Flexibility in the choice of robots

The analyses of the robot data can be done independent from the manufacturer, by simply changing the data collector.

Maximum efficiency and utilization, because of comprehensive monitoring and analysis options

Help with all problems

From the reduction of downtimes and route optimization to the monitoring and analysis of complex problem situations.

Cloud-based infrastructure

The cloud-based infrastructure is high-performing and ensures maximum availability, unlimited scalability and cost-efficient operation – all with maximum data security.

Support for maintenance

E.RAMP has an integrated maintenance dashboard and can also be connected to external EAM systems. This means that E.RAMP can guarantee fast fault clearance – also using augmented reality.

Modern data collector

In addition to WiFi connectivity, the E.RAMP data collector also supports the communication via a 5G network.


Laptop auf dem ein Monitoring Portal für die E.RAMP geöffnet ist.

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